This mission is being accomplished through the distribution of matching Humanitarian grants of up to $2,000 and Emergency Relief Grants of $2,500.

  At left is our District Y coordinator PDG Joe Defina presenting a check from the Foundation to Lion Jason Tabor of Cooperstown. These funds will help offset the cost of a Spot Camera that will be used by the clubs within their zone.

  These grants are available to Lions Clubs or Districts in Multiple District 20, New York State and Bermuda. To download our informational brochure, click here. To Learn more about our Grant program, click here.

  In the future, additional programs may be added to further our ability to fulfill this mission statement. We welcome ideas and suggestions from Lions throughout MD20 on how we can better serve children in need within their communities. To find the District Coordinator within your area, click here or on the Contact link above.

Our Mission

"To provide assistance to children in need, throughout the state of New York and the country of Bermuda, through partnerships with Lions and other organizations, by supporting programs that will improve the lives of those served."
To date:  108 grants have been awarded totaling $184,984. These have helped  141,510 children in need throughout New York State and Bermuda.

Mission Statement