Brandel - Murphy Lions Youth Foundation Humanitarian Grant

  In addition to the standard Brandel - Murphy Lions Youth Foundation Grant, an Emergency Grant of up to $2,500 will be awarded to any district which has been classified as a Federal or State Emergency area due to natural disasters. All that is necessary is for the District Governor of that area to request the grant.

  Like the standard grant, the only other qualification is that the funds be used to help children in these areas impacted by the disaster. To date, $12,500 Emergency Grants have been distributed to five districts in Multiple District 20 that have suffered from natural disasters such as Hurricane Irene and Super Storm Sandy.

Total to Date: 108 Grants of $184,984 serving 141,510 children

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​Brandel-Murphy Lions Youth Foundation Grants Awarded from 2011 - 2019

Examples of Successful Grant Programs

Brandel - Murphy Lions Youth Foundation Emergency Grants

"In the eyes of those children who we help, together we will be their Everyday Heroes making Miracles Through Service. Thank you for making the world of the children of Multiple District 20 a better place to live." 

 To date, the Brandel-Murphy Lions Youth Foundation has awarded 108 grants totalling $184,984 in  that have helped 141,510 children in need throughout Multiple District 20 (New York State and Bermuda.) 

  The only qualifications to receive these grants are that the projects must improve the life of a child, or children in need; that the project be approved by your club's Board of Directors or District Cabinet; and that matching funds be available.

  Our Grant Program is truly unique in that any Lions club, zone, or district in New York State and Bermuda (MD20) can participate whether it benefits a project that impacts many children or changes the life of a single child in need.

PIP Al Brandel and Lion Dr. Maureen Murphy

  Each year, the total amount of grants will be determined by the funds raised in the previous year. The more we raise the more we can give away! The Grants Committee will make every attempt to distribute these funds equally throughout MD20.

   The funds will be distributed on a "first come - first served" basis and on merit. Only one grant will be given per club per year, however there is no limit of grants per district.  One of these grants was presented to the MD20 Lions See Program in that it primarily helps young children in need throughout the Multiple District. To see a detailed report of our Humanitarian grants to date, click here.

​Grant Programs

District N - 16 grants, $26,139 serving 9,141 children
District E1 - 5 grants, $10,000 serving 179 children
District E2 - 3 grants, $6,000 serving 2,590 children
District W - 18 grants, $28,850 serving 22,312 children
District Y - 9 grants, $17,600 serving 45,775 children
District O - 11 grants, $17,270 serving 15,568 children
District R1 - 16 grants, $25,000 serving 6,619 children
District R2 - 1 grant, $2,000 serving 320 children
District K1 - 5 grants, $10,000 serving 1,165 children
District K2 - 8 grants, $14,500 serving 15,451 children
District S - 10 grants, $12,625 serving 121,390 children

MD20 Lions See Program - $2,500.00
Five (5) MD20 Emergency Grants - $12,500.00
(Both MD20 grants serving 1,000 children)

 Pictured on the left is the Foundation's Immediate Past President PCC Angelo Purcigliotti presenting a check for the "Friends Of Karen" project. After a successful grant application, the Somers Lions Club in District 20-R1 received $2,000 to assist families with children who have severe illness.

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  With your continued support and participation in our Grant Program, we can continue to make a difference in the lives of those children less fortunate than ourselves. Below is a current breakdown of our successful grants to date.