An invitation to join the Brandel - Murphy "Everyday Hero" Fellowship may be presented to worthy Lions and Non-Lions for a donation of $300 to the foundation. Like the "Miracles Through Service Award," members of this important Fellowship will be presented with a medallion, a lapel pin, and a signed certificate to honor their outstanding service.

   Unlike the "Miracles Through Service" award, a Brandel - Murphy "Everyday Hero"  Fellowship tribute can be nominated by anyone who wishes to support the Foundation. In turn, the tribute can also be presented to any person as the donor sees fit. However, the donor cannot nominate themselves for this honor. Click here for an up to date list of those who share the  "Everyday Hero" Fellowship.

Click Here to download an application for the Brandel - Murphy "Everyday Hero" Fellowship and honor someone special today! In the future you will be able to process this application and make your $300 donation online. 

   It is the strong belief of both PIP Al and Lion Dr. Maureen, as well as the Foundation which bears their name, that Lions and  others who selflessly give service to their communities should be recognized for being an"Everyday Hero"  in those in need. 

   Like the "Miracles Through Service" theme, this  concept became a central part of PIP Al's year as our International President.

   Therefore, in an effort to promote the  both the service goals of the Brandel-Murphy Youth Foundation, and the recognition of those who perform this service, the Board of Directors has established the "Everday Hero Fellowship" Program.   

The "Everyday Hero Fellowship"

  All profits from the Brandel - Murphy "Everyday Hero" Fellowship program will be used to help children in need throughout New York State and the Island of Bermuda.